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About Us

Strategic Solutions is a quality provider of innovative, end-to-end software and marketing solutions. We combine multiple skills and competencies to realise technology-driven business transformation especially with our commitment to provide global clients a fresh, new approach to methodologies for IT and business consulting services. These complement to define, optimize and align our Clients’ business strategy with technology initiatives. World leading companies depend on us to deliver complex solutions.

We as Managing Director Tehmina Gardesi and General Manager Shaharyar Khan believe in excellent customer support and high quality products. Since 2006 we have built a reputation of research and planned integrated approach to technology with amazing and measurable results for successful delivery of end to end solutions. We have helped our clients maximize their software and marketing investment through unique combination of business planning, innovative solutions and quality services – all powered by Strategic Solutions knowledgeable global team.

Our services address specific needs of enterprise IT programs, communications, Internet technology product development and also engineering product design and data management. Our expertise in focused industries, strong quality orientation, cross-technology and distributed project management capabilities benefit our Clients in addition to seamless coordination in strategy, implementation, and management of their technology programs.

Our focus is to guide our clients with a unique perspective which combines the spirit of an entrepreneur and the mind of an engineer enabling us to execute projects through our account management (account architects) and development teams (development architects) across the world. All of our team members are experts with understanding and are experienced in the Industry Sectors. Most of our account architects have skills which cross multiple disciplines; whereas some have concentrated specialties in key technical areas which help integrate teams to deliver complex end solutions. We are passionate about finding the right fit between our capabilities and the business possibilities of existing and emerging technologies and are determined to create a real, lasting value for our clients through partnership with global brands like Ary Gold, Options, Jenny Flowers, Saluki Flowers, Dirty Bike just to name a few. For more information on how we can help you succeed, please contact one of our business development managers.